DIY Premium Double Dark Green
DIY Premium Double Dark Green
DIY Premium Double Dark Green
DIY Premium Double Dark Green
DIY Premium Double Dark Green
DIY Premium Double Dark Green
DIY Premium Double Dark Green
DIY Premium Double Dark Green
DIY Premium Double Dark Green

DIY Premium Double Dark Green

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80% Perennial Ryegrass, 20% Kentucky Bluegrass

.00% Weed Seed 

Blue Tag Certified

$184.99-$289.99 with Free Shipping!!!
This premium 5-way blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass varieties offers extreme striping ability with dark green color! Other key attributes include: Drought tolerance, shade tolerance, excellent disease resistance, traffic tolerance.
We Cannot Ship to P.O. Boxes, or Alaska or Hawaii

Over the past 6+ years the MySoil team has used DIY PDDG for new lawns, overseeding, and every seeding project in between. We have referred friends & family to this blend with unparalleled results, a rich, thick, weed-free, dark green lawn that is the talk of the neighborhood (or even the town).  The constant questions we get asked are “Where did you get that grass seed?” or “How do you get your yard to look like that?”. Out of these continued questions, we were driven to make this blend available to homeowners. We are excited to share this product with the DIY and professional landscape community and feel PDDG is perfect for anyone looking for a premium cool-season seed for a new lawn or to convert an old lawn to new varieties.   

How Much Do I Need?

45lb Bag
            New Lawn: 4500-5600 sqft
            Overseeding: 5600-7500sq ft
25lb Bag
            New Lawn: 2500-3100sqft
            Overseeding: 3100-4000sq ft

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Caddieshack II Perennial Ryegrass: exhibits excellent performance during the winter, which makes it a good choice for permanent turf in northern climates. It tied for #1 for least winter damage in Minnesota (NTEP 06-1 report). Great resistance against a broad spectrum of pests and diseases, like brown patch, Bipolaris leaf spot, pythium blight and red thread. Dark genetic color, Medium-fine leaf texture & excellent spring and summer turf density.

Parkside Perennial Ryegrass is the optimal combination of consistent year-round performance with excellent traffic tolerance. A great addition to any seed blend, Parkside has unique disease resistance to tackle Gray Leaf Spot, Dollar Spot, and Stem Rust. Parkside brings dark green genetic color, fine leaf texture, and a uniform growth habit and is great for low mowing heights. Parkside was named "2020 Turfgrass of the Year" by The Spruce.

Prominent Perennial Ryegrass:  Provides dark green genetic color, quick germination, great disease distance including dollar spot. medium-fine leaf texture.

Jackpot Kentucky Bluegrass: Quick to germinate and establishment, Excellent seeding vigor, Great spring green up, Good against rust and powdery mildew. Jackpot also exhibits excellent wear ability under traffic stress.

Beyond Kentucky Bluegrass: Delivers turf performance above-and-beyond many popular varieties with excellent disease resistance, density, dark green color, and the ability to crowd out Poa annua and other weeds. Beyond also has outstanding resistance to summer patch, dollar spot, and leaf spot. Good shade tolerance, Great for low mowing heights.


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