Driving Soil Amendment

Selection For Healthy Soils

MySoil was developed to properly guide responsible fertilizer and soil amendment selection and applications to address the degradation of soil and water quality. Currently, the homeowner lawn & garden industry does NOT offer a sustainable solution for proper fertilizer and soil amendment selection & Guidance.

Fertilizer selection is “guided” based on packaging with catchy graphics rather than each user’s unique soil needs. The lack of a unique solution results in over and under application of fertilizers. Over-use causes nutrients in the soil to move off target. Under-use causes a lack of nutrients and poor plant growth. Billions are spent annually on plants and grass seed without the understanding that healthy soil is the key to success!

How it Works

for Retailers

Retail Ready Packaging Options

  • MySoil® for purchase on retail shelf or online
  • Purchased MySoil® Kit from the specific retailer is customized to recommend and link to products on their shelf or direct link to online soil amendment/fertilizer purchase from the report.
  • Retailer gains repeat purchases in the category and builds the basket. 
  • Customizable feature allows the retailers to partner with margin accretive brands in the fertilizer category and allows the retailer to further optimize their assortment by only needing to buy into the most commonly recommended fertilizers (known from MySoil’s national database).
  • MySoil® is a plant and soil specialist to properly guide sustainable fertilizer selection and applications. 

Custom Retail Experience

Patent Pending
  • Add your Company Logo
  • Select a report template/style
  • Add your fertilizer & soil amendment product line
  • Customers now linked to in-store or e-commerce product purchases

Why MySoil?

  • MySoil is the category leader in this space and has over 1000+ 5 star online reviews.
  • Superior look, feel, and customer experience 
  • Competitive vendor pricing 
  • Each test kit provides your customers a complete nutrient analysis (13 nutrients) including Nitrogen & pH.
  • Our test can be used in all growing scenarios, regions, and soil types including garden mixes and houseplants.
  • Our Patent Pending platform was built to be customizable at all levels. This includes fully branded white label kits, branded reports highlighting specific fertilizer products, and product lines with direct links to purchase from the products you wish to sell. 
  • We offer a number of fulfillment options including drop shipping to wholesale. 
  • Dedicated customer support

"MySoil sends customers back to the retailer’s website by linking directly to products for repeat purchases"

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