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MySoil® soil test kit is a Patent Pending start-to-finish solution for the DIY & professional community. Our team has successfully combined predictive soil testing technologies with an easy-to-use customer experience that assists in improving soil and plant health, while effortlessly guiding sustainable practices. Our goal is to guide users in perfecting their soil to grow the healthiest plants possible.

The MySoil Experience

  • Sample jar, nutrient adsorbing capsule, and DI water

  • Soil scoop (designed to deliver the right amount of soil)

  • Simple to follow instructions 

  • Prepaid return mailing envelope

  • Professional guidance on taking your sample

  • Comprehensive soil report 

  • Real-time customer notifications & alerts

  • 13 plant-available nutrient levels including Nitrogen and pH

  • Report available in 6-8 days

  • Custom organic and synthetic product recommendations (based on your specific results)

  • Easily shop recommended products

  • Secure results available on any device

  • Dedicated customer support

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What's Inside

What To Expect

Report and Customer Dashboard

The Test Kit

Cell Phone MySoil App Close up Details S
Cell Phone MySoil App Close up Details F
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Ideal For

Lawn & Turf

Ornamental Landscape

Organic Gardening


Soilless Media


How It Works

1. Register Online

Register your kit online at

2. Add Soil

Use the provided scoop to add one level scoop of composited soil to your sample jar.

3. Mail Kit

Use the pre-paid envelope to mail your soil sample to our lab.

4. Get Report

Access your customized report at and learn what your soil needs to thrive

5. Amend Soil

Add your sustainable product recommendations. Grow the healthiest plants possible!

Fertilize Responsibly

Environmental Stewardship

Our goal is to guide sustainable fertilizer applications through data-driven decisions. With this, we can improve soil quality and plant health globally, while minimizing the environmental impacts of improper fertilizer usage. As avid fishermen, outdoorsmen, turf managers and farmers we value the environment and our finite resources. Our mission is to help promote responsible fertilizer management without sacrificing plant health and quality.

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