MySoil Pro Pack (2 Kits, 1 Probe)
MySoil Pro Pack (2 Kits, 1 Probe)
MySoil Pro Pack (2 Kits, 1 Probe)

MySoil Pro Pack (2 Kits, 1 Probe)

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The MySoil Pro Pack comes with (2) MySoil soil test kits and (1) stainless steel MySoil soil probe. All Products are USA made

Soil Test Kit

  • Grow The Healthiest Yard & Garden! MySoil Soil Test Kit is the most Accurate and Easy-To-Use professional soil test kit available and is designed for the DIY community
  • Organic and Synthetic fertilizer recommendations tailored to your soil
  • Report provides 13 plant available nutrient levels including Nitrogen and pH (Nitrogen (N) (Nitrate & Ammonium), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulfur (S), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Boron (B), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Sodium (Na))
  • Perfect for all growing scenarios (Lawn & Turf, Gardening, Compost, Trees, Vines Ornamental Landscape & Soil-Less Media). Promotes sustainable practices
  • Each kit provides everything required for use *including prepaid return postage & dedicated customer support.

Soil Probe

Specially designed for the DIY community with ease of use and size, the MySoil probe guides a consistent depth and soil proportion for each soil core. This ensures the user has the best quality soil sample possible. The probe is made in the USA from Stainless Steel for a lifetime of use. Dimensions are 8" Tall by 1/2"diameter core.

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Malynda A.
United States United States

Easy soil testing

This is the easiest way to get a soil test done ever.

Jim K.
United States United States


Easy and convenient. Had my results in less than a week of mailing it off.

Clay C.
United States United States

First time user.

The overall experience was good. Using the test kit is very easy. I pulled the samples from the soil and sent in the soil samples. I received the results within a week. It provided the soil sample test results via email and recommended a fertilizer. I did order the fertilizer recommended and applied it even though I knew I was about to have freezing temps that would make my yard go dormant, so I really can't provide any results since I did get the freezing temps and the bermuda grass went almost completely dormant. The following three week were warmer weather, and the grass did start to come back, but then we had more freezing temps and the yard seems to be totally dormant now. With that in mind, I do believe the results of the soil test and the recommended fertilizer were on target simply based on what I had been visually observing. That was the reason I did the soil test. Outside of the lawn, I also tested my flower/shrub beds. Those seemed to be exhibiting more signs of deficiencies than the lawn and the soil test confirmed my suspicions. I was low on nitrogen in both areas and also low on iron in both areas. My other suspicion was also confirmed. The PH level in both areas was higher than 7 especially in my beds which were closer to 7.8 PH. I will attempt to correct the PH over the winter and in the spring I will re-apply another round of the recommended NPK fertilizer with Iron. After applying that and allowing for a month of growth, I will collect another sample for testing to see how it comes out and most importantly give it the eye test. My lawn has been the best lawn in the neighborhood for several years and I hope to keep it that way. Right now all I can truly say about this test is that I believe it could possibly be a good tool to use aside from the eye test.

Peter W.
United States United States

Easy to Use But need an App

Easy to use but you should develop a phone app to make it easier to get results and history

Delilah R.
United States United States

Shocked and Surprised

I have gardened for a long time with off and on success. Usually I stop because things start to go downhill after a year or 2 of success. I typically throw organic fertilizer pretty regularly hoping it will make a difference not really knowing what my soil needs. I finally broke down and purchased 2 soil kits on the advice of Angela from Growing in The Garden. It was mid season but my plants were just sitting there not really growing much after several months 55356,‍♀️ Well I was totally shocked and surprised all my levels were either good or very high except my nitrogen which was rock bottom!!!! No wonder my plants were not growing!! I love they tell you exactly how much to apply to fix the problem and since then I have purchased 4 more kits for my other raised beds. My plants look better already!! All I can think is if you go to all the work to get the soil ready raise the seedlings plant the plants wait for the harvest. It’s a no-brainer to get the soil tested so you could make sure and get the best harvest from the land. I whole heartedly recommend using My Soil. It is super easy to do and the results will help you make an educated decision instead of a shot in the dark