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Soil Management Simplified

Professional landscapers and turf managers understand the value of soil management and the need for actionable results at their fingertips. The MySoil® Dashboard was developed with you in mind.

  • Customization options available: add your firm's logo and specific product lines to your dashboard and reporting.

  • Effortlessly manage soil nutrient levels, fertilizer products, rates and application timing for all of your clients in one location.

  • Seamlessly promotes your firm as an industry leader in nutrient management and sustainability.

  • Save time and money with MySoil and simplify your soil management today.


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  • Efficient customer and soil management

  • Track all of your jobs and clients in one location

  • Receive real-time notifications/alerts

  • Industry-leading analysis and recommendations

  • Manage sampling locations and soil fertility programs each year

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  • MySoil® Professional - 12 soil tests

  • More compact, taking up less space than 12 single MySoil® Kits

Professional 12 Pack

New Product Available in 4-6 Weeks!

Custom Business Experience

Patent Pending

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  1. Add your company logo

  2. Select a report template/style

  3. Add your fertilizer & soil amendment product line (optional)

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Why MySoil?

  1. MySoil® is the category leader in this space

  2. Superior technology and user experience 

  3. Each test provides complete nutrient analysis (13 nutrients) including Nitrogen & pH.

  4. Only test that is universal for all growing scenarios, regions, and soil types.

  5. Our Patent Pending platform was built to be customizable at all levels- This includes fully branded kits, branded reports, and specific fertilizer product lines.

  6. We offer a number of fulfillment options including drop shipping to wholesale. 

  7. Dedicated customer support

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