No Farms, No Food

Market Gardening and Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) are growing with the increased consumer need for high-quality, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. The need for regenerative farming practices to improve soil fertility and health is necessary to support sustainable, great tasting, plentiful and nutrient-rich harvests. MySoil was developed with you in mind, creating a simple to use solution that lets you know exactly what you need to perfect & manage your soil. Learn more about how it works.

MySoil is a predictive product allowing users to know their soils-available nutrients prior to it being taken up by the plant. Growers can amend and correct soils for optimal conditions prior to plants adjusting to these deficiencies; this greatly affects plant health, quality, and yield. Learn more about the technology


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Easily Manage

  • Individual crops

  • Poor and well-performing areas

  • Rows

  • Raised beds

  • Seasonal changes

Quickly Check For Nutrient Deficiencies or Potencies In

  • Composts

  • Pre-Plant & Mid Season

  • Mulches

  • Bulk mixes

When To Sample

Annual Gardens

  • Pre-plant/transplant

  • Mid-season (5-7 weeks after planting/transplanting)


Established Trees, Shrubs & Vines

  • Early spring

  • Early summer

  • Fall

How to Collect A Sample

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Product Application Timing

  • If an action is required, your first application should occur pre-plant and should last approximately 3-4 weeks.

  • Before planting, work recommended fertilizer into the soil.

  • Most summer vegetables require abundant nutrients. Tomatoes and corn, for example, are heavy nitrogen consumers. To provide consistent nutrients for fruit-producing plants, we recommend monthly sampling to ensure your plants have adequate nutrients and to minimize misapplication.

Growing Plants